Susie Carder

Susie Carder

Susie Carder is the CEO of The Profit Coach, You’d never guess behind Susie Carder’s multi-million-dollar success, best-selling author title, and fire engine red lipstick, that she grew up with a very different set of numbers: 9 siblings, 3-bedroom home, poverty-stricken neighborhood. When failure is not an option, creative solutions manifest themselves. If you just know to look for them, opportunities eclipse everything else. This is what Susie believes after a life filled with obstacles, setbacks, and some shock-worthy wins. Susie Carder is truly a self-made millionaire. A disciple of Michael Gerber and a lifelong student, she started with one salon and health spa and built it into one of the most successful businesses in the country. She then founded and sold three profitable companies, the last of which sold for eight figures to Cengage (previously Reuters and Thompson Learning).
Susie soon became passionate about helping other business owners achieve what came naturally to her – growth and sustainability. As she led business after business to success, the true test of her talents came unexpectedly. A serious car accident threatened Susie’s life and instantly took her away from her business. As she took time off for surgery and healing, something incredible happened behind the scenes. Not only did her business stay afloat, it expanded tenfold.

The systems she created enabled her staff to carry on without her. So many business owners live in fear of not being able to work, however as Susie healed, her business thrived. Susie’s calling became crystal clear: Bring this level of freedom to others.

Susie’s 20-year track record helps companies, big and small, develop and implement strategic business plans that result in dramatic growth. Her business structures have not only helped clients overcome turbulence and uncertainty; it’s helped them create multimillion-dollar businesses.

In her popular program, the Predictable Success Method™, Susie has guided hundreds of companies to develop personalized operation systems in finance, sales, and marketing. Her team-building structure provides accountability for sustainable success, just as it did in her own business years before.

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