Edie Fraser

Edie Fraser

Areas of Expertise: Business Strategy

Industry Experience: Management Consulting

Edie Fraser is the CEO of Women Business Collaborative. The Women Business Collaborative (WBC) is THE action focused not-for-profit organization movement with a strong vision: Equal Position, Pay and Power for all businesswomen. WBC engages with over 31 businesswomen’s organization partners to accelerate the advancement of women representation in C-suites and board rooms and as entrepreneurs and support for capital, together with the achievement of diversity, gender and pay parity and technology infused. She also has served for 14 years as Managing Director, Diversified Search LLC and Founder and CEO of STEMconnector and Million Women Mentors for 8 years and 5 years respectively. Million Women Mentors (MWM) reached more than 2 million commitments under Edie’s leadership and built special program such as MWM E-I for entrepreneurs and the Women’s Insurance collaborative. Edie with the team produced many well-known products including a Leadership series of publications on Top 100 Leaders in STEM.

Edie has won 55 major awards in Leadership and Innovation, Diversity and Women’s Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Communications. She founded Diversity Best Practices and then STEMconnector® and the Million Women Mentors movement. She has worked in building entrepreneurial ventures and supports gaining capital through meaningful connections for growth opportunities.

Previously Edie was Founder and CEO of Public Affairs Group where she worked with more than 250 Fortune companies and many government agencies, advancing best practice programs on women and diversity leadership and with several hundred stakeholders. The company included Diversity Best Practices (DBP), a member service for diversity practitioners. The other major programs were Business Women’s Network (BWN) and Best Practices in Corporate Communications.

Edie for decades has supported Diversity Woman Media and the Magazine and Inclusion Magazine and proud to have received DW Mosaic Award. Books and Publications: Edie has written or served as publisher of many books, papers, and articles. Edie wrote a book, Do Your Giving While You’re Living, and another on Women’s Entrepreneurship. In 2015 STEMconnector released its book for the nation, “Advancing a Jobs Driven Economy. Edie has produced many books and reports related to diversity and talent as well from The Chief Diversity Officer and The Diversity Primer.

Leadership: Edie is on the board and Founding member of C200. She is in the Economic Club DC and the Cosmos Club. She is Senior Adviser to three key women business organizations. She served as the first woman Chairman of the World Affairs Council DC. She has been inducted into the Enterprising Women Hall of Fame, winner of the Mosaic Award from Diversity Woman. Edie was on the cover of five magazine covers. Edie graduated with Honors from Duke University and took coursework at Harvard and USDA. Edie is married for 40 years to Joe L. Oppenheimer.

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