Janet Bradsher

Janet Bradsher

Areas of Expertise: Accounting and Tax

Industry Experience: Technology

Janet Bradsher is the CEO of Solutions Solver, I was an entrepreneur at a very young age. I had my own grass cutting service at age 10 and had 6 customers at the time. When I started my first job, it was with an insurance agency as a receptionist. One day, one of the office ladies decided to have me balance the books for the insured premiums and I balanced it to the penny. That was when I got the bug for accounting and problem solving. I worked my way through college and received 2 B.S. degrees in Business Management and Accounting from NC Wesleyan College and then finished my MBA in Accounting with honors from the University of Phoenix.

I was participating in advanced classes and online classes before they were truly popular, and it taught great team building skills and identifying strengths and weaknesses within the team to produce A graded projects. I have a broad range of experience in all arenas – manufacturing, distribution, professional services, retail and a combined 35+ years of experience in accounting and operations management. I have worked in positions that were not in accounting but used those skills and tools to make the departments more efficient and vital to the whole of the company. I was given an award at my last company for being forward thinking in my planning and project management.

In 2014, it was decided that I needed to go out on my own and start my own company. Solution Solvers was formed in 2014 as an accounting and tax practice. In 2015, I started A Plus Notary Solutions was a mobile notary service and grew that business very quickly. I used my organization and background to get myself to the top of lists where I am a “preferred” notary to call or give work to before others. In 2016, I started LifeLine Training where I certify people in both First Aid/AED/CPR and BLS skills. I have been focused mostly on Solution Solvers in 2019 to fast track that company to become an expert in small business development and growth. I also decided to take this skill set further and become a Certified Master Financial Coach through Dave Ramsey. I enjoy helping people, teaching them and giving them the tools to be as successful as they want to be. It fulfills me and I get to earn a great living doing something that I truly LOVE.

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