Neha Kumari

Neha Kumari

Areas of Expertise: Financial Planning and Accounting

Industry Experience: Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineer & MBA and at present pursuing Executive Post Graduate Program at Takshashila University for Public Policy – India. Striving to consult and build stories on ways to unleash the power of data through Analytics & ML in resource-crunched sectors, so as to influence Policymakers. Working currently (for the past 2 years) in the Social Analytics sector, as Financial planning & Accounting, Compliance, Monitoring & Evaluation Lead for Genpact CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility), Diversity & Inclusion. I am a strong promoter of gender equality in the workplace and within our communities. I also work on Short term critical consulting projects within the Organization as Service Delivery Lead, for Global clients.

Have worked on a Black belt, Analytics Consultation project at Genpact with Teach for India (In collaboration with Edelgive) & was also deployed as Monitoring & Evaluation Lead @ Genpact

Social Impact Fellowship. 10 years of prior experience in running Market mix models, Price promo, Clustering, and Decision Trees on SAS, SPSS, and VBA, and presenting compelling market stories around the same. Currently certified in Data Analytics & ML on R and a beginner in Agile methodologies. I have 13+ years of experience in working with highly talented individuals as a team, to create Predictive market structures, using an advanced Analytical approach, to help US retail clients with strategic and innovative decision making. Endeavor to continue upgrading myself on the latest tools and technologies being implemented in the world of Analytics and to hone my consulting and storytelling skills so as to be able better support the Policymakers.


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